Hello -- For those of you who may have come here and do not know me: welcome. My name is Scott Abel. I am now entering my fourth decade earning a living in the fitness/diet/physique Transformation industry. During this time, I've trained and coached thousands of people from all over the world. I've travelled the world giving lectures, workshops and appearing in a variety of guest appearances. I've written for many magazines and popular websites, and I have even ghost written for them as well. At one time I was known as "The Trainer of Champions" and "The Star Maker." I've more or less put the high-end competitive world behind me. Although I still do coach competitors, I now also handle people from all walks of life and truly enjoy contributing to their making a difference in themselves and in achieving their goals.

I've written a few books and produced some training and diet DVDs, as you can see in the sidebar. I hope you'll come to this blog and participate and make it a part of your journey. Feel free also to check out my YouTube channel and my discussion forums.