Monday, September 09, 2013

More Tales from The Cycle Diet

I had to smile and laugh at the irony of the situation. There I was reading the comments on FB on a recent ad my marketers formulated for my Cycle Diet. Comments say a lot about people. Putting the complete ignoramuses aside for now, the comments regarding the Cycle Diet made me smile and laugh – ESPECIALLY considering where I was and what I was doing at the time. But I’ll get to that.

I signed with a marketing team a year or so ago and being marketers they market products by presenting the most appealing elements of said products – whatever that may be. For The Cycle Diet – they presented pictures of brownies and cheesecake and lots of other goodies and comments from me and many of my clients regarding being able to eat foods like this on a regular basis, and still control weight and cosmetically-enhance their bodies. The comments went from skeptical, to rude to ridiculous. One lady claimed eating a whole cheesecake “can’t possibly be healthy.” Another guy wrote, “Anyone who buys into this nonsense is a moron. Everyone knows you can’t eat foods like that and look like these models.”

It made me smile to myself. I’ve been hearing that about my Cycle Diet for more than two decades now. I’ll be grocery shopping for my calories spike day and cashiers will say things like “You really eat that kind of food?”  Or when I’m out in restaurants I get comments about drinking beer and eating dessert. All this just makes me smile to myself over how blinded and twisted people are in their North American diet-mentality and corresponding food phobia. The Cycle Diet is a diet of “inclusion” not “exclusion.” The Cycle Diet is for people who love food – all food. It’s not for people who are afraid of food or have negative emotional connections to food or are orthorexic. The Cycle Diet is the diet for emotional freedom and indulgence to be able to “enjoy” food. But there’s way more to it than just eating cheesecake and donuts. The Cycle Diet is a diet that trains and supports metabolism. And it trains metabolism in a way that there are positive metabolic benefits from spiking calories. People don’t seem to understand that, at all. They find it “gimmicky.” Whatever.

But The Cycle Diet doesn’t just allow for a spike meal here and there, or a whole day off once every 7-10 days. Once the metabolism is trained and adapted then extended periods “off the diet” are also recommended precisely to aid and optimize metabolic function. It’s all about a healthy mindset as well. Most “dieters” would be scared to death to eat indulgently and indiscriminately for several days at a time. They would perceive this as “failure” and “diet suicide.” But people following The Cycle Diet are not “diet-mentality-oriented.” We look forward to these planned off times of diet. And here is the irony of my reading all these comments on how and why The Cycle Diet “won’t work” and all the other negative comments.

You see, I recently had to travel back east for business and to see my folks. It had been 27 weeks since I had taken a break from both diet and training at the same time. Biofeedback told me it was time for a break. I was going to be gone for 5 days. As part of The Cycle Diet I decided to take a break from diet and training for the duration of my trip. It was also my birthday during the trip as well – so this was also good timing. I had to drive from one city to another for a business meeting. I recalled that there was Krispy Kreme donuts nearby. We don’t have a Krispy Kreme donuts where I live. I thought it would be a great treat for me that morning before my meeting. So I’m checking my emails at Krispy Kreme and I’m reading all the comments of people who say no way this “Cycle Diet” thing can work. I’m smiling as I enjoyed a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts – guilt-free – and then moved on to my meeting. Later that night I met some friend for a few beers and a steak and lobster dinner. I remember thinking to myself about all those negative comments from people regarding The Cycle Diet. I remember thinking how glad I am that I will never be so paranoid and obsessed and worried about food. I’m glad that food indulgence is just another benefit of the modern world that I can enjoy on regular basis: And that because of The Cycle Diet – my metabolism is better off for it.  It’s a win/win situation.

So after 5 days of total indulgence I returned home. I gained a whopping 3 lbs. By the following weekend I dropped 6 lbs. This left me THREE POUNDS LIGHTER than when I left: once again proving the benefits of knowing how to manipulate metabolism with proper diet-orientation and strategy – and of course being able to properly read biofeedback. It’s nice to have a metabolism work for you – rather than you being a slave to metabolism.

But not all the comments were negative that day I sat at Krispy Kreme donuts. There were also emails from my clients that happened to be related to The Cycle Diet as well. A good client of mine just got married and was back from his honeymoon. He was happy to report how much he enjoyed the food as part of his honeymoon – and that his wife was also happy that there was “food-freedom” for both of them as they spent this special time together. No ‘dietus-interuptus’ on their honeymoon.

Two other lady clients of mine were also reporting in after a summer vacation. They too had been following The Cycle Diet for a time. But both of these ladies were previous “dieters” and still suffering from the diet-mentality. When I instructed them to take their vacation time “off” any diet regimen, they were both skeptical, but willing to try to finally let go and not feel so guilty over enjoying food indulgence. They were both really wanting to believe that enjoying food could be part of a vacation experience – rather than thinking a vacation experience was going to “ruin” their diet efforts. (Such is the thinking behind the North American diet-mentality.) But I knew their metabolisms were ready. And they followed my advice and took the time off diet and enjoyed their vacations with no food restrictions.

One wrote me that she was initially “worried” over having a Coach’s “permission” to take that much time off her diet regimen. I just advised her to trust the process. She reported that her history used to be she would try hard to diet while on vacation – return home and feel like she missed out and deprived herself and then ended up blowing her diet and bingeing alone anyway. (This is what the “guilt” mindset leads to.) Now however she said she understands. By indulging her whole vacation, she feels like never before. There is nothing deprived from her, so she feels invigorated and motivated to get back to her normal Cycle Diet rhythm. But what convinced her most was that seven days after returning home her weight was right back to where it was before she left. And that had never been her experience before.  

The other one wrote me still in disbelief. She came home from her vacation and 10 days later when she wrote me she was now 2 lbs. lighter than the day she left for vacation. She still can’t believe it compared to the ways she used to struggle mentally and emotionally with ‘what to eat’ while on vacation. And she recalled listening to other ladies at the buffet line making comments about guilt and weight – and she was so glad to be finally free of living that way.

And so, as I enjoyed my Krispy Kremes that morning I smiled and laughed to myself at the same time over the comments I was reading. The skeptics who have never done the diet – being negative about it – mostly out of ignorance and fear... And then Cycle Diet followers like myself and those two clients who wrote me that morning – not only enjoying atypical foods guilt-free, but benefitting metabolically in doing so.

As usual – some of you will get it – some of you will not – some of you won’t want to!